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Why Learn Python?

Make more money. Software engineers who code in Python earn up to $100,000.

Even tech giants uses it. Companies like Google, Facebook and Dropbox build apps with Python. 

Python is like the Swiss army knife of programming languages. Python is powerful versatile and used for different purposes like Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Desktop Apps etc.

Python is the go-to-language for data analysis. Y Get the edge your company needs by making data driven decisions with Python.

Easy to get started compared to languages like C or C++.

Over 1500 people have signed up for the course thus far.

Python is used extensively in Data Analysis, Machine Learning and AI. These areas are growing at an astonishing pace. This explains why Python programming is one of the most sought after skills today and Python developers are one of the best-paid software engineers (earning over $100,000 annually). There are literally thousands of job posts that go unanswered because there is a shortage of skilled Python developers. The future for skilled Python developers is bright and secured.
Secure your Future and Start Learning Python

What's included in the course:

•            Over 70 Bite-sized HD Video Lessons

•            Transcripts of each Lesson in PDF

•            Quizzes at the end of each lesson to reinforce the learning

•            Interactive Coding Exercises at the end of each lesson to reinforce the learning

•            Access the course forever with free updates

•            Exclusive Discounts For Upcoming Courses

•            30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

•            Get FREE feedback by emailing us (We charge upwards of $100,000/project)

•            Certificate of Completion

Course Syllabus

Getting Started 

Installing Python

Code Editors


CSV files

Accessing Information from CSV Files

Write Information into CSV Files

Appending Rows in CSV Files

JSON Files

Data Types, Variables and Operators 

print() Function



Naming Variables

Mutable and Immutable Types


Concatenating Strings

Math Expression

Collecting Users' Input

Converting Strings and Numbers

Changing Case in Strings

Escape Sequences

Conditionals and Loops



if Statement

else Statement

elif Statement

Testing Sets of Conditions

Nesting Statements

for Loops

while Loops

Lists and Tuples

Creating a List

Adding and Changing Elements in Lists

Slicing Lists

Deleting and Removing Elements from Lists

Popping Elements in Lists

Creating a Tuple




Getting Information form Instances

Building Functions into Classes

Coding a Method

Change an Attribute’s Value


Creating a Function 

Passing Information

Assigning Value to a Parameter

Mix Positional and Keyword Arguments

Deal with Unknown Number of Arguments

Pass Information Back from Functions

Using Functions as Variables

Functions within Functions

Local and Global Variables


Creating a Dictionary 

Adding and Changing Items

Removing Items

Looping through Dictionaries

Creating a List of Dictionaries

Creating a Dictionary that Contains List

Getting Information from a Dictionary that Contains Lists

Creating a Dictionary that Contains a Dictionary

Getting Information from a Dictionary that Contains a Dictionary

Our Story

When we were learning Python, we had so many frustrations:

Many books and tutorials made it difficult for beginners to learn Python. 

These books and tutorials often contain a lot of terminologies or unnecessarily long passages on a particular subject that are not essential to learning about a concept. 

This, coupled with the haphazard organization of the materials, meant that it was difficult to follow the author. We often had to spend hours just to decipher what the author is saying. Needlessly to say, this killed many students' motivation to learn Python.

Many video tutorials do not have accompanying notes. 

This meant that if we needed to refer a particular concept in the video, we needed to spend a long time rewinding or rewatching the videos.

We forget the things we read from books and watch in tutorials, within weeks, and sometimes even days. 

In fact, studies have shown that just reading or watching something (even multiple times) do not improve long-term retention. 

There wasn’t anyone we could really talk to or ask if we didn't understand something.

This meant that we had to spend hours looking up that question on the Internet.

Most courses don’t have a preview for us to view or look at. 

Even when there's a preview of the course, it’s usually a short introduction on the course and don’t really allow us to see it’s suited to our needs.

This meant most of us buy a course either based on other users’ reviews, someone’s recommendation or we just felt it might be good. 

And sometimes, these courses aren’t what we are looking for.

But since most courses usually don’t come with a money-back guarantee, we are often stuck with a particular course even if we don’t like it. Isn’t that pretty unfair?

And these were the frustration we hoped to address in this upcoming course:

Each of our tutorials are short (mostly less than 4 minutes), easy-to-digest and fluff-free.  

Why did we keep our videos to less than 4 minutes? 

Because we understand that a lot of us are busy professionals and do not have hours each day to learn something. With our course, even if you can only spend a few minutes each day, you would be able to learn something from the course. 

We transcribed our videos into downloadable PDFs so it’s easy to refer to whenever you need them.

We also included practices and coding exercises at the end of our video lessons. 

How many times have you read through an entire guidebook and thought that you got everything inside your brain, but you can't even remember anything in the first chapter? We don’t know about you but for us, it’s just way too many to count. 

That's why we decided to add these quizzes and practices. These quizzes and practices test your understanding and reinforces on the concept that you just learned. In this way, you remember what you just learned longer, plus you become a more confident and better coder as you progress in the course. 

We always dreamt of having someone we could talked to or ask when we were learning Python. And maybe you do too. 

If you have any questions or you are stuck at some parts, you can send an email to us and we would be happy to help you out.

We have made some of the tutorials in this course publicly available. 

So, you can check them out to see this course is what you are looking for. 

If you sign up for the course and are not happy with the course for any reason, we have a 30-day money back guarantee – we would refund your money within 30 days of the course release date (for buyers who purchased the course during the presale) or within 30 days of your purchase date. 

Our 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident that this course will help you build a solid foundation in Python. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the course, we would refund you your course fees within the first 30 days.

Want to build kickass products with Python? Enroll in the course today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Send a message to us today!

  • What is the presale discount code?

    Apply the coupon code '80off' to save 80% during our presale

  • Can I access the course if I purchased it during the presale?

    Nope, sorry! You can only access the course after it's released on 10 January 2019.

  • I have no coding experience at all. Will this course help me?

    This course is aimed at any person who wishes to learn the basics in Python, whether you are completely new to coding or have experience in coding in other languages. In this course, we teach you Python in a step-by-step process through video lessons, notes, quizzes and interactive coding practices. The video lessons and notes help you understand Python in a simple and intuitive way while the quizzes and exercises helps to reinforce the concepts you learned from the video lessons.

  • How long can I access the course for?

    You can access this course forever! Plus, whenever we create new materials or have any updates to the course, you can access them for free too!

  • What if I don’t like the course or learn anything useful from it?

    We have a 30 days money-back guarantee for our course. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, we would refund your money within 30 days of the course release date or within 30 days of your purchase date (for buyers who purchased the course after it’s released).

  • Will you be available if I am stuck or need feedback?

    Of course! If you have any questions or you are stuck at some parts, you can send an email to and we would be happy to help you out.